With outstanding performance and a stunning finish, our beautiful range of western red cedar cladding is machined in-house for quality assurance


A high-end cladding choice, Canadian western red cedar’s durability is outstanding.  It is extremely resistant to insect attack, rot and decay, as well as being resistant to splitting and movement once installed.

Extremely stable with a very low shrinkage factor, western red cedar is resistant to warping and twisting, and can achieve a service life in excess of 60 years (out of ground contact).

Canadian western red cedar features beautiful red, pink and brown tones making it a popular cladding choice on aesthetics alone.  It can be left untreated to achieve a classic silver tone.

Always seek advice about treatment and after-care to preserve the aesthetics and style you want for your cladding in the longer-term.


  • Beautifully machined in-house western red cedar cladding in a range of profiles
  • Naturally durable; western red cedar as a species is naturally resistant to insect and fungal attacks, rot and decay
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Available in shiplap, shadow-gap, T&G V-joint (matchboard), featheredge and screen profiles as standard
  • Our in-house machining facility can produce a specific, bespoke profile to meet your individual project requirements
  • Fire treatment to European Class B available
  • Factory applied coatings available, for example paints and stains


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