Designed to save you time, money and mess on-site, Premier OSB3 hoarding panels can be supplied top coat finished in any RAL colour or pre-coated with a heavy duty polymer primer in 15mm and 18mm thicknesses


Top-coat finished Siteprotect and Siteprotect Plus

Premier are able to supply a fully finished Siteprotect solution in both 15mm and 18mm. The panel is painted in an exterior grade paint to any RAL colour number required on just one side or both sides.

By factory finishing Premier provide a solution meaning:

  • No more painting on site – just touch up where boards are cut, etc…
  • No more wet weather delays
  • No more dust issues with wet paint
  • No need for barriers preventing general public making contact with wet paint
  • No use of solvent based products on site
  • Consistent colour coating because board is spray painted

Standard Siteprotect and Siteprotect Plus

Smartply Siteprotect is coated with a smooth, heavy-duty, exterior cross-linked polymer primer, meaning you just have to apply a topcoat to the face and edges.

Siteprotect Plus is coated with the same primer but on both sides, making it perfect for premium applications.

  • FSC certified option available
  • Cost-effective construction site hoarding
  • Smooth finish, pre-primed and edge coated
  • Ready to take a top coat in your selected corporate colours
  • Primer available in ‘Grey’ and ‘White’
  • High performance
  • Durable


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