Create beautiful effects and seamless finishes on a range of curved surfaces with Flexible MDF


Flexible MDF is a sheet material which can be bent into curved shapes.  Precision engineered grooves have been machined into the MDF panel, so that it can be bent and curved into the shape you need for your interior projects.  Flexible MDF has been expertly crafted to provide the flexibility needed to achieve stunning finishes and design features.

Highly versatile, Flexible MDF can be used to create freestanding curves, or it can be fixed to a framework to create a wide range of curved surfaces.

  • Grooved by precision machinery to enable bending & flexibility
  • Excellent seam-hiding qualities
  • Smooth, pre-sanded surface ready for painting, veneering or laminating
  • Follows intended curve without bumps or hollows
  • Can be free-standing or fitted to frameworks


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