DryGuard is a water-repelling, self-protecting structural plywood for use in roofs, floors and walls


Using DryGuard means you do the job just once, to complete your project on time, profitably

DryGuard is manufactured by leading European plywood manufacturer, Paged.  Made from thickply Polish Pine, DryGuard is a high specification, structural plywood. Pine has a high resin content, making it incredibly durable with superior mechanical qualities; it is easy to machine and fasten, and retains a high bending strength.

DryGuard has been treated with an environmentally friendly, REACH compliant hydrophobic coating, to reduce rainwater absorption during construction of roofs, walls and floors (in accordance with EN 927-5).

Come rain or shine, you can fit without the hassle of protecting your work from the wet or replacing water-damaged standard plywood.

Effectively, DryGuard plywood protects itself from wet weather

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Paged DryGuard Repelling Water

Key Benefits

DryGuard saves you time, money and effort:

  • Reduced delays; DryGuard’s water-repelling treatment slows the absorption of water for up to 90 days¹, reducing drying time and delays with build
  • No need to cover the plywood or build false roofs, saving labour and material costs, plus time
  • No warping, less waiting; DryGuard’s hydrophobic coating slows the absorption of water so drying-time is reduced and the plywood retains its structural integrity²
  • No mould; the panel is protected against fungal growth², saving time delays plus the remedial costs to replace or repair wet, untreated, mouldy, warped and deteriorating wood


In addition, DryGuard delivers peace of mind and sustainable credentials:

  • DryGuard is permeable for air, allowing the building to breathe to prevent damp and mould
  • DryGuard has been rigorously tested by plywood specialists, Paged, and is compliant with the relevant EN standards, is REACH compliant and CE2+ certified
  • FSC® Certified

1 In average seasonal weather conditions 2 In accordance with EN 927-3

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