Our engineered timber facility incorporates state of the art design and manufacturing technology to value-engineer and manufacture roof trusses


The Mon Timber Engineering team has more than 70 years combined experience in the field, and uses the worldwide market leading MiTek MBA & Pamir software suite to transform the architectural vision to a value engineered reality.

Using state of the art engineering, 3D modelling and CNC computerised saws, our manufacturing facility gives our customers peace of mind that their expectations are met and exceeded.

What is a trussed rafter?

Roof trusses or trussed rafters are now specified for the majority of domestic roofs built in the UK and Eire.

As an individually designed component, a trussed rafter is engineered to provide a structural frame for the support of roof, or similar, structures.

Roof trusses are pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded timbers and joined with steel nailplate fasteners.

Trussed rafters are an incredibly versatile roofing solution which can be designed in a variety of shapes and profiles to suit all applications – from the smallest extension, to the biggest attic or ‘Room in the Roof’ project.

What are the benefits of choosing a truss rafter?

  • Roof trusses are a versatile, practical and fully engineered roofing solution suitable for a wide range of roof structures and building types
  • Materials savings vs a traditionally built roof; trussed rafters can use up to 40% less timber than a traditional roof
  • Significant installation time savings vs traditional methods of construction
  • Quick erection of the roof structure enables other trades to start work quickly
  • Trusses are pre-fabricated which releases joiners for other work, thereby reducing overall labour costs
  • Speed of on-site construction allows just-in-time delivery to site
  • Limited on-site storage space is needed
  • Reduced risk of damage or loss on-site
  • Large and complex roofscapes can be designed
  • Spans of up to 18m can be achieved
  • Attic trusses or ‘room in the roof’ trusses can maximise useable living space in the property
  • Potentially eliminate steel beams from the roof structure
  • Our trusses are made from TR26, a grade specifically produced for trusses and sustainably sourced
  • UKCA accredited

Designing your roof truss

There are a few simple steps we take, in order to design the perfect roof truss for your construction project:

1. Send us your project drawings.

2. Our specialist engineers will design your roof using advanced interactive modelling software developed by market-leading, global software company, MiTek.

3. We will produce a 2D and 3D model for inspection and approval. Of course we are happy to work with you to fine-tune the design if needed.

4. Our cost estimate will be included with the design.

5. Once you place an order, one of our technical specialists can also visit your site to take final ‘as built’ dimensions if necessary.

6. Once the design is agreed and approved, your roof trusses will go into production and we will provide a delivery estimate.

7. Your roof trusses will be delivered direct-to-site on an agreed date, using specialist vehicles to preserve the integrity of your roof trusses and for safe and reliable delivery.


Give us a call to discuss your roof truss requirements on 01633 414 414 or email us at

We also design and manufacture i-beam joists and posi-joists, so you can buy both your roofing and flooring packages from Mon Timber.



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