Hidrofugo MR MDF is a denser board that requires less preparation time and less paint, giving you an optimal finish with less work!


MR MDF has all the advantages of Standard and Lightweight MDF with added Moisture Resistant qualities created for interior use in humid environments.

Specially selected timber and a unique fibre refining process is used to manufacture Fibrapan Hidrofugo, resulting in a moisture resistant MDF board which achieves a better finish with less work

To ensure an excellent machining quality, Finsa uses specially selected timber and a unique fibre refining process to manufacture Fibrapan Hidrofugo.

Finsa’s specially developed steam injection press penetrates the core of the board giving Fibrapan Hidrofugo a stronger internal bond.  This provides crisp edges and fine machining detail.  In addition, high dimensional stability, low swelling and low absorption properties require less paint and repetitive sanding after each application, saving you time and effort while achieving a crisp, smooth, professional finish.

 Fibrapan Hidrofugo is high density which makes it the perfect MDF for CNC routing – achieve a clean-cut, precision finish even when running machines at a faster rate.

What’s in a name?  Hidrofugo: Hidro=Moisture. Fugo=Resistant.

  • Produces a great finish, with less sanding, less preparation and less paint absorption than other MDFs
  • Excellent machining quality
  • Clean cut and perfect for CNC routing
  • FINSA’s unique manufacturing process ensures a stronger, consistent bond in the core
  • Specially selected timber with refined fibre quality
  • Superior paint finish


Craftsmanship images courtesy of Freebird Interiors, Cutlist, The Greenwich Alcove Company, K Tech, Made CNC, Sopers Woodwork & Space Tidy.


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