Unlock the beauty and versatility of planed timber for your woodworking projects


Planed timber refers to wood that has been processed by a machine, typically a planer, to produce a smooth, even surface. This process results in timber that has consistent dimensions and a uniform appearance.

The most popular types of planed timber are Planed-All-Round (PAR) and Planed Square Edge (PSE). PAR timber has slightly rounded edges for a gentler appearance, while PSE has straight edges with a crisp finish.

Planed timber can be made from a variety of both softwood and hardwood species, including pine, oak, and cedar.

Planed timber is used in a wide range of construction and carpentry projects. It is a popular choice for framing, as well as for creating walls, floors, and roofs. Planed timber is also used in furniture making, as it is easy to work with and can be shaped and joined in a variety of ways.

Increasingly, planed timber, in particular PAR is used for fencing as a cost effective alternative to panels or cladding.  The pieces can be cut-to-size easily, to fit awkward spaces, or to create a unique fence for landscaping projects.  Premier Forest supplies treated PAR/PSE for use outdoors; note that non-treated timber should be stained or painted for external use.

One of the key benefits of planed timber is its consistent dimensions. This makes it easy to work with and ensures that the finished product will be uniform in appearance. Planed timber is also less likely to warp or twist over time, which is important for projects that require precision and stability, for example in furniture making or framing.  Additionally, planed timber can be finished with a variety of coatings and stains to achieve the desired look and protect the wood from damage.


  • Consistent, uniform appearance
  • Finished, smooth edges
  • Can be painted or stained for a particular look
  • Can be treated for external use
  • Versatile, for use in a range of building, joinery and landscaping projects

Premier Forest Products has invested in state-of-the-art machinery which enables us to produce planed timber in-house for total quality control.  Click below to see one of our manufacturing plants at Duchy Timber, Cornwall in action.

A versatile and reliable building material, planed timber is used in a variety of construction and carpentry projects. Its consistent dimensions, stability, and ease of use make it a popular choice among builders and craftsmen.



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