Experience the transformative power of Premier Forest Products’ Cladding. Our diverse range of timber species, profiles and treatments cater to every aesthetic and functional requirement—making it the smart choice for both new builds and renovations alike.


Why choose timber cladding?

Cladding not only offers a protective layer but also enhances your building with a natural and decorative facade.  Choose from our environmentally responsible Premier Claddings collection, including locally sourced options with reduced carbon footprints and advanced treatments for longevity and performance.


Western Red Cedar Known for its beautiful red, pink, and brown tones. Naturally durable and resistant to rot and decay.

Canadian Larch Offers a tight, straight grain with a consistent yellow-white colour, enhancing any facade with a warm, natural look.

Imported Douglas Fir Available in Classic and Premium grades, this wood is durable and has a rich red-brown colour that weathers beautifully.

Thermowood® A thermally modified timber that offers increased stability and resistance to decay.



European Redwood Green pressure treated to enhance durability and maintain the natural grain.

Homegrown Cedar A sustainable choice with a reduced carbon footprint, offering durability with a unique, feathered appearance.

Homegrown Larch Cost-effective and durable with a rustic appearance.


For those seeking something beyond our standard softwood range, we offer special-order cladding materials in hardwoods, a popular choice for internal cladding. These premium options are chosen for their aesthetic finish and high-performance characteristics, allowing architects, developers and homeowners to achieve distinctive, tailored solutions.

Accoya® Known for its outstanding durability and stability.

Red Grandis A versatile and sustainable hardwood.

Iroko Highly durable hardwood, suitable for exterior use.

European Oak Offers a classic look with excellent durability.

Whether you’re aiming for cutting-edge modern design or timeless elegance, our special-order hardwoods range provides the flexibility to bring your vision to life.


Premier Claddings offers a range of standard profiles, available in 100mm and 150mm widths and machined in-house, in the UK.  Bespoke profiles are available, as well as a profile-matching service; just contact our cladding experts for support and advice.

Tongue & Groove V-Joint Can be installed vertically or horizontally, provides a neat V-shaped shadow line.

Horizontal Shadow Gap Offers a contemporary look with a soft ‘V’ shape shadow effect.

Vertical Shadow Gap Ideal for tall, thin elevations, creating a distinctive square shadow gap.

Shiplap Traditionally fitted horizontally, provides excellent weather-proofing with a quick water run-off.

Featheredge Rebated Installed horizontally to accentuate the width of the façade.

Featheredge Sawn Also known as weatherboarding, provides an easy rainwater run-off.

Screen (Rainscreen Cladding) Installed horizontally, this profile facilitates good air circulation and allows for dimensional movement.


Image courtesy of Lunawood Thermowood®


Our advanced treatment options enhance the natural durability and beauty of our timber, providing long-lasting protection and a stunning visual impact. Whether you’re aiming to preserve the natural colour of the wood or seeking a bold appearance, our treatments and finishes are designed to maintain its excellence.

Shou-Sugi-Ban® Charred Cladding 

Provides a highly unique and durable finish using the ancient Japanese technique of charring timber.  Main image courtesy of Shou-Sugi-Ban®.

Factory-applied treatments

Enhances the durability and longevity of the cladding.

Specialist fire treatments

Available for both indoor and external applications, to European Class B.

Paints and stains

A variety of customisable options to match the look and feel of your project.

Sustainability in every step

Sustainable practices are integrated into every aspect of our operations, from optimising material usage to minimise waste, to our significant investments in energy-efficient systems.

Many of our cladding options can be supplied with an FSC® claim or PEFC claim, to demonstrate they are made from timber sourced in responsibly managed forests.

Need advice and support?

Speak to an expert for guidance on choosing the right type of cladding, installation advice, and aftercare support.

Top tip: when ordering, please allow for up to 15% waste for cutting around natural defects and end trimming, for all species.


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