A thermally modified softwood specifically designed for exterior cladding, decking and fencing applications


Thermowood® is thermally modified softwood which has been heat treated to over 200°C using a completely natural and non-toxic method. This results in a material which has been especially engineered for cladding applications to achieve enhanced performance in exterior environments, while retaining the beauty of traditional timber.  It is great as a cladding façade on buildings, plus decking and fencing applications.

Thermowood® contains minimal knots and has a warm, rich brown colour. If left untreated, Thermowood® boards will weather to a silvery grey, similar to cedar and larch.

More stable than traditional timber, Thermowood® doesn’t bend, twist or warp. With minimal water absorption and less water content, Thermowood® is lightweight and very dry in nature which makes it resistant to decay, fungi and insect damage. In addition, being dry gives Thermowood® a very smooth finish for precision machining.

Always seek advice about treatment and after-care to preserve the aesthetics and style you want for your cladding in the longer-term.

Images showcase projects using Lunawood cladding.

  • Beautifully machined Thermowood® cladding is available in a range of profiles, machined by our in-house workshop
  • Doesn’t bend, twist or warp
  • Class 2 ‘Durable’ material
  • Moisture content of 5-6% makes Thermowood® especially resistant to rot, lightweight and perfect for precision machining
  • Density is 350-480 kg/m3
  • Expected service life is 30 years out of ground contact
  • Sustainably sourced: PEFC certified
  • Available in shiplap, shadow-gap, T&G V-joint (matchboard), featheredge and screen profiles as standard
  • Our in-house machining facility can produce a specific, bespoke profile to meet your individual project requirements
  • Fire treatment to European Class B available
  • Factory applied coatings available, for example paints and stains


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