Premier Forest offers a comprehensive range of quality, hand-crafted, heavy duty wooden gates plus gate furniture & gate posts


Our gates are made from kiln-dried, pressure treated softwood and are hand-crafted by our in-house carpenters at Duchy Timber in Cornwall.  Duchy Timber uses up to three times more timber than our competitors; this extra wood produces in a very heavy duty, stronger and more robust product that is built to last. Each gate is checked at every stage of manufacture to ensure that it is built to last.

A choice of gate styles and designs are available from Premier Forest, including round-top or pale, square top, featheredge, decorative gates and even 5-bar gates for driveways.  So whether you’re looking for a traditional ‘orchard’ style gate, a simple featheredge access gate or a contemporary tongue & groove gate, we’re sure to have what you need.

We offer the whole gate installation kit for your garden or landscaping project.  Gates are available for a variety of applications, plus the gate accessories you need, PLUS the fencing materials you may need to complete your project:

  • Garden gates
  • Side gates
  • Field gates
  • Driveway gates
  • Field gates; plus pedestrian side-gates or ‘hunter’ gates
  • Gate furniture and hardware / accessories: gate bolts, gate hinges, gate springs, latches & catches
  • Gate posts
  • Fence panels
  • Featheredge fencing boards

Our expert carpenters at Duchy Timber can adapt any gate to your exact needs; just get in touch to discuss your unique, customised wooden gate.

  • Each component is individually kiln-dried and pressure treated using preservative, giving a long service life
  • Quality checked at every stage of manufacture – our gates are built to last
  • We can design and build gates to custom requirements
  • Strong, robust product built to last – up to three times more wood is used to make the product
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood

Our gallery shows 1.8m height gates; they are also available in 0.9m height.



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