White ash is strong and durable, making it a popular choice for flooring, cabinetry, furniture and other construction applications


American White Ash is native to the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada. It is known for its strength and durability and is seen as a hardwood that is relatively resistant to decay and insects. The wood is heavy, strong and tough, it has a good shock resistance and is also resistant to abrasion and wear, making it suitable for flooring, furniture and construction projects.

American White Ash typically has a light to medium brown colour with a slightly yellow or tan undertone, but can be a noticeably different colour between the sapwood and heartwood.  The sapwood (closer to the outer of the tree) is usually a pale white or cream colour, while the heartwood (nearer the core of the tree) is a darker brown. The grain is usually straight, and the texture is medium to coarse. Additionally, it is common for the wood to contain mineral streaks and small knots, which can add character to the final product.

It is rated as “non-durable” to “moderately durable” so it will last for several years, depending on the environment, without rotting.

American white ash is also known for its good machining qualities and good screw and nail holding abilities, it glues and stains well. It is also a good choice for steam bending.

Depending on what you need, Premier Forest Products can create bespoke profiles and mouldings to your specific requirements at our specialist machining facilities; or for something extra special, at our in-house joinery workshop.

Utile at a glance:

  • Botanical name: Fraxinus Americana
  • Common names: White Ash, American White Ash
  • Texture: Medium to coarse
  • Density: Approx 675-700 kg/m3
  • Colour: Beige, light brown to medium brown
  • Grain: Straight, reqular
  • Hardness: Janka hardness rating of 1,320 lbf (5,870 N)
  • Stability: Good
  • Durability: Non-durable to moderately durable
  • Working Properties: American white ash has good machining qualities and good screw and nail holding abilities. It also glues and stains well

*The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear.


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