Transform your space with stylish and functional skirting boards


Skirting boards are narrow boards that run along the bottom of interior walls, where the wall meets the floor. They are typically made from wood, MDF, PVC or other materials, and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different decorative styles.

Skirting boards are used in both residential and commercial settings and can be found in nearly every room of a building. They protect the bottom of walls from damage caused by furniture, foot traffic and vacuum cleaners, while also covering up any gaps between the wall and floor. They can also provide a decorative accent, enhancing the overall appearance of a room.

One of the primary reasons for using skirting boards is to create a seamless transition between the wall and the floor, helping to make the room look more polished and complete.

Another benefit of skirting boards is that they can help to insulate a room, as they provide an additional layer of material that helps to keep warm air inside and cold air outside. They can also be used to conceal wires or other unsightly elements along the base of the wall.

Premier Forest Products supply a range of skirtings in a choice of profiles including bullnose, pencil rounded, square edge, round edge, chamfered, torus, ogee and torus/ogee reversable.  Both MDF and solid wood skirtings are available from Premier Forest.  MDF skirting is more cost effective than solid wood and comes in white as standard.

Our wooden skirting is available in both softwood (pine) and hardwood (American White Oak, American White Ash, American Black Walnut).  Hardwood is generally tougher and more durable, with softwood a more cost effective option.

Premier Forest Products has invested in state-of-the-art machinery which enables us to produce top-quality, precision-cut skirtings and mouldings which are either a standard profile, or customised to your bespoke design.

Wooden skirting can be painted or stained either by Premier Forest, or on-site by the customer.

Overall, skirting boards serve a practical and aesthetic purpose, helping to protect walls, create a finished look, and enhance the overall appearance of a room.


  • Complete the look of a room
  • Create a neat edge between floors and walls
  • A huge range of profiles available, including customised options
  • Prevent drafts and assist insulation
  • Conceal unsightly gaps or imperfections at the base of a wall


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