Premier Forest supplies a range of timber batten in a variety of sizes, to suit both general construction and specialist applications


BS5534 Roofing Batten acts as a fixing point for slates, roof tiles, cladding shingles, cladding shakes and sheets.  Premier BS5534 Batten is treated to User Class 2 giving it a desired service life of 60 years making it more weather resistant and resistant to insect attacks and rot.

Other applications for our treated and untreated batten include:

Wall battens; to fix claddings, tiles, shingles, shakes. Can be treated.

Ceiling battens; usually 47 x 50mm, providing a fixing point for plasterboard. Can be treated.

Floor battens; provide fixings for flooring materials. Can be treated.

Fencing batten; timber batten can be used for numerous fencing applications including as a strut to secure fence posts in position within concrete while it sets.

Fire stop battens or cavity battens; used in timber frame construction, these are treated and can be fire retardant treated if required.

Our batten is sourced responsibly and is FSC® or PEFC Chain of Custody certified and meets UKTR Regulations.

Whether you need timber batten for a specialist application, general build or landscaping, contact us and we can supply direct to your site, or yard.


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