We keep a range of MDF suitable for exterior conditions and provide solutions ideal for a wide range of external applications


Medite Exterior MDF

Medite Exterior MDF offers you all the design freedom of our standard interior MDF but suitable for use in external applications in accordance with MDF-H2 as defined within EN 622-5 

  • Durable panel – meets Class D standard
  • Proven usage over 15 years
  • External panel with great versatility
  • Zero added formaldehyde
  • FSC certified option available

Medite Tricoya Extreme

Medite Tricoya Extreme is a ground-breaking panel which exhibits strength and durability qualities once limited to metals, concrete and plastics – whilst retaining the design and machining freedom of standard MDF.

  • New and versatile construction material
  • High performance combination of acetylated wood fibre and technology
  • 50-year guarantee
  • 60-year service life
  • Enhanced durability and stability
  • Fungal decay resistance
  • Zero added formaldehyde
  • FSC certified option available

Medite Vent

Medite Vent is a high-performance, external sheathing MDF which exhibits breathable qualities and pertains to Category 1 requirements.

  • High weather resistance and vapor permeability
  • Suitable for all types of timber frame structures
  • Ideal for low energy construction
  • High racking strength in excess of Category 1
  • Zero added formaldehyde
  • FSC certified option available


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