Paged Softwood ThickPly FR is modified through an innovative immersion method which makes the entire panel exceptionally fire resistant


Paged Softwood Thickply FR (Fire Retardant) combines the highest level of plywood fire retardancy without compromising the technical performance of the panel.

All plies are made of pine veneer with the thickness of 2.6 mm, which gives the plywood excellent performance properties and suitable for structural use in construction projects (over 9mm).

Paged Softwood ThickPly FR is manufactured using an innovative, complete immersion method in a sustainable fire retardant with no harmful compounds.

Paged Softwood Thickply FR comes with all the benefits of the panel itself…

  • Suitable for a range of construction projects
  • Superior bonding strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Solid sanded surface
  • Lightweight and easily machined
  • High quality and durability
  • Low formaldehyde emissions under new ½ E1 standard
  • Carb Phase 2 and TSCA Title VI certified
  • Made in Poland from 100% FSC® certified forests

…PLUS the added benefits of the Fire Retardant treatment:

  • Unique & innovative immersion FR treatment process
  • Achieves the highest fire classification for wood products
  • Significantly slows carbonization speed
  • Maintains dimensional stability in case of fire
  • Hinders flame spread
  • Low release of fumes
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Innovative fire retardancy treatment

Edge machining, CNC machining and drilling are available on request; note that due to Paged’s unique immersion technique, the panel retains its fire retardancy performance even after drilling and machining.

Click below to watch a video comparing standard thickply’s reaction to fire, with Paged’s softwood thickply fire retardant panel.



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