The Group’s UK operation Premier Forest Products concentrates on bulk importation and national distribution

The extensive product range encompasses timber based panel products, softwoods, hardwoods and fencing materials, utilising supplies from as far as China and Brazil, to local plantations at home.

At the heart of this sits the group’s specialist processing division, Premier Processing & Fabrication, which has full access to all of Premier’s products.

Skilled staff work closely with our clients to transform off-the-shelf products into components to meet exacting specifications, using hi-tech plant and processing machinery.

Premier Forest works closely with SDL Sawmills Ltd., located in South Wales.  The sawmill operation is a large-scale facility, producing high quality products for the construction, fencing and landscaping markets.

Duchy Timber based in Cornwall produce specialised, high value and niche products which are hand-crafted by experienced carpenters.  Duchy also houses specialist mouldings machinery, enabling Premier Forest to manufacture precision-cut standard and bespoke claddings and mouldings.  These quality items can be produced in volume and are distributed throughout the UK.

Premier’s scale of operations in timber processing means the company is also a major supplier into the biomass industry, a valuable additional revenue stream for the business.

Both Duchy Timber and Mon Timber have walk-in stores, and our online store Mill Timber Direct gives both trade and retail customers easy access to our products.

Complementing the UK operations is the energy division

Premier Forest Group’s environmental credentials extend beyond average. As well as award winning projects to develop and supply legal and sustainable timber products from across the globe, Premier go the extra mile and enable staff to do the same, with a fleet of electric vehicles and car charging points at their head office.

With the help of Solar energy production and a wood-waste gasification generator, Premier’s energy division helps power Premier’s success. It generates income as a net exporter of energy, and hugely reduces company waste.

But the Premier Forest Group story is not confined to the UK.

The Premier Forest Group is more than the sum of its parts. A hugely versatile, adaptable and scalable business, Premier Forest values it’s people, relishes opportunity and celebrates diversity. The aspirations and goals of the business continue to evolve and extend with each successive year of growth.

Expansion across more sites in the UK will continue to drive market share and unlock, new, profitable avenues for Premier to explore.

It’s already true that you’re never far from a Premier product, and the undiminished ambition for the Premier Forest Group is to bring those products even closer.