A high performance softwood plywood produced from FSC certified Pinus sylvestris logs


Our Paged Pine plywood produced exclusively from Polish grown Pinus Sylvestris these logs are around 80 years in maturity before being harvested for our production. Every log is tagged with its felling information and tracking details.

Due to the climatic weather conditions as high as 40 Celsius in the Summer and as low as -35 Celsius in the Winter, the growth pattern results in high strength properties and low knot frequency.

  • High strength properties and low knot frequency
  • More stable than fast-grown pines such as Elliotis, Taeda and Radiata
  • Suitable for treatment
  • Structural over 9mm thickness
  • CARB 2 compliant
  • More resistant to rot and decay due to its natural resin content
  • Available with T&G in metric sizes and Fire Retardant


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