DryGuard Water Repelling Plywood in Action

March 22 2022

Premier Forest recently added DryGuard, manufactured by plywood specialists Paged, to its portfolio. DryGuard is a self-protecting, water repellent plywood which is perfect for use in roofs, floors and walls. One of the first companies to put it to the test was Moreton-in-Marsh based Montrose Group who used it in the construction of a luxury, free-standing entertainment complex in Lydney

DryGuard can be fitted in any weather conditions, and because it offers protection from rain it doesn’t get water damaged like standard plywood. Its water-repelling treatment slows the absorption of water, reducing drying time and delays with build. It also doesn’t need to be covered which avoids the need for false roofs, cutting down on labour and reducing material costs.

DryGuard was installed on the roof by Montrose Group in December 2021 and three months later, they are still delighted with the results.

Dan Tarbox, project manager for Montrose Group said,

“We have found DryGuard to be an absolutely fantastic product. We have had no swelling or leaks, even though the building is in an exposed area. It’s been a very wet and windy winter and DryGuard has performed brilliantly as a roof covering.

“I have to say that I’ve been really pleased with DryGuard and would definitely use it again for other projects.”

James Pickford, UK Purchasing Director at Premier Forest Products said, “There is a real need for water-repelling plywood in the UK, and we stock Paged’s DryGuard for its durability and superior mechanical qualities. A lot of research went into developing DryGuard, so it’s great to receive such positive feedback from customers using the product in challenging conditions.  When put to the test by Dan and his team, it passed with flying colours.

“Because DryGuard repels water, it retains its structural integrity and doesn’t warp, so the risk of remedial work is reduced, again saving contractors time, money and effort.”

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