Endangered Species

We will not trade in timber species prohibited under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


We are committed to purchasing timber and timber products from legal sources and seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country. We unreservedly condemn illegal logging practices and aim to keep ourselves informed of changes in international processes and legislation.

Timber Certification

We support international efforts to improve forest management, such as the development of credible timber certification schemes. We recognise that the independent certification of forests and the process chain is the most useful tool for providing assurances that timber comes from legal and well-managed forests. We will only use labels or accept certificates that include environmental or sustainability claims, if they are supported by publicly available standards drawn up in a fully participatory, transparent, and objective manner – backed by independent inspection.

We have achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification certificate TT-COC-002162 to supply wood-based products originating in sustainably managed forests. Our BM TRADA Forest products certification covers a wide range of other forest Certification Schemes and Verification Programmes. We are also Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) Chain of Custody certified certificate BMT-PEFC-0236 to supply wood-based products originating in sustainably managed forests.


We aim to help our customers meet their environmental commitments by providing a range of products that meet the highest environmental standards.

Environmental Impact

We are fully committed to the efficient use of energy. By ensuring the efficient use of energy and the recycling of waste at our operational sites, we make every reasonable effort to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.


All of Premier’s members of staff have a role to play in protecting the environment and developing our environmental aims. That’s why we train our staff to fulfil their role in our environmental commitments, as embodied in our supply of certified products, our Responsible Purchasing Policy, and the Timber Trades Federation code of conduct.

Continuous Improvement

Premier works with relevant trade organisations, NGOs, and governments to develop and evolve our responsible purchasing policy. We will continuously raise the proportion of timber and timber products that originate from legal and sustainably managed forests, in accordance with the stepwise approach.