Covid-19 – Premier Forest Update

March 24 2020

As Coronavirus continues to derail our way of life in more ways than we can imagine, there is a crucial need for certain essential functions to continue.

Premier Forest Products plays in important part in the supply chain of some of those essential functions. Some are very directly in support of the Government’s efforts to provide additional resource, (for example, by supplying specialist processed materials to modular building manufacturers who are rapidly expanding hospital complexes). Others are less high profile, like providing sawn and cut timber for pallets used to transport food and goods needed across the country. Our diversity as a supplier means we are responding to rapidly shifting demands, in many different fields of industry.

In many cases we are simply helping to keep the wheels of commerce turning for our customers and suppliers, and strictly the safe operating standards advised by the Government. We take our responsibility to both our staff and our society extremely seriously.

That is why, following last night’s government announcements (23rd Mar 2020), we decided to restrict the retail & call-in Trade elements of our business, whilst ensuring continuity in the wholesale, distribution and manufacturing parts of our company.

What does that mean in practice?

For Mill Timber Direct (Crumlin), Duchy Timber (Lostwithiel) and Merlwood Timber (Haverfordwest), whilst we are still maintaining supply and delivery as normal for business taken over the phone, the retail shop and trade -counter parts of the business are currently closed to both the public and call-in trade in order to minimize contact and control risk. If you need materials, please call your contact at any one of these sites as normal to discuss your requirements and what arrangements are available, but please don’t turn up unannounced to collect as you may well not be able to. This position will be kept under review.

The wholesale distribution and manufacturing parts of Premier Forest Products are continuing to strive to fulfil all our customers’ requirements as normal. We are well-stock, well-prepared and well-organized, so if you need our products, we will be there to help you.

Of course, the situation is moving remarkably quickly, so further changes in the coming days and weeks are likely.

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