A moisture resistant P5 Flooring grade tongue and grooved chipboard with a waterproof and slip resistant film for increased protection


Peel Clean P5 is the mid-range option, providing a strong, structural flooring solution which gives added protection from the elements as well as providing a safer working platform. When work is complete the film can be removed leaving a clean, presentable surface. The correct adhesives and tapes are recommended and are available upon request.


  • Easy to install TG4 tongue and groove profile in 18mm and 22mm thickness
  • Increased protection with tough, waterproof and slip-resistant peel-clean protective film
  • Moisture resistant and durable
  • BBA certification when laid in accordance with instructions and with Caberfix Pro/Tape
    • Up to 42 days protection from elements
    • Exceeds acoustic performance for building regulations with 44db
    • Caberfix Tape protects from plaster spills, paint and weather

Egger Peel Clean Xtra

  • Easy to install TG4 tongue and groove profile in 18mm and 22mm thickness
  • Anti-Slip peel-clean protective film
  • When used with Egger D4 Adhesive it requires no joint sealing tape
  • Tight edges on the film prevent any curling or lifting
  • Polymer finish on the board provides further protection and improved aesthetics


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