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Dec 2017

Clarks Wood is Moving On Up!

At the end of this year, Clarks Wood’s stewardship of it’s Silverthorne Lane site in Bristol finally comes to an end. The brand (a division of leading UK timber products importer and supplier Premier Forest Products) is embarking on the next phase of its development by pooling it’s resources and strengths with its parent company at the UK’s head office and main operational hub in Newport, South Wales. The relocation brings significant enhancements, as the Clarks Wood division will now have direct access to Premier’s huge product range, on-site processing facilities, quay-side importing amenities and nationwide logistics operation.

What does that mean for Clarks’ customers? More choice, lower costs, broader services!

Everything Changes But You…

Moving is always a big change, but exciting too! But whilst the address might change, some things will scarcely change at all – same phone number and same dedicated, expert staff on the end of the line, same attention to customer service that has kept Clarks Wood’s reputation for decades…all the stuff that really matters to our customers. In fact, if your goods are normally delivered by us, then you’ll barely notice the change at all. Well, apart from all the additional benefits above! And of course, the one thing, the most important thing of all, that we don’t want to change a jot, is you, our valued customers!

So – change, yes. But change is good when it’s a new lease of life.
We look forward to keeping you abreast of developments!

The Clarks Wood Team

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