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Blockwood / Laminboard

Blockboard is made up of a core of softwood strips. The strips are placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood. A single veneer on both sides is known as 3-ply. A double veneer on both sides is called 5-ply. The sandwich is then glued under high pressure.

Blockboard adhesive is intended for interior use only and therefore, blockboard should not be used outdoors. When using blockboard for doors or tables, it is important to ensure that the core runs lengthways in order to achieve maximum strength. Blockboard may be used to make shelves, doors, paneling and partitions.

If you decide to paint the surface, it is wise to paint both sides in order to equalise the surface tensions, which will aid the shaping of the blockboard.

Laminboard, commonly known as Lumberboard, looks very similar to blockboard but it is made up of softwood strip and consists of considerably smaller strips to blockboard.

In both cases the strips are sandwiched between two outer veneers with the grain running at right angles to the core strips.

Laminboard is a higher-grade variant of blockboard in which the central core consists of many thinner 5-8mm battens or veneer arranged 'on edge'

Blockwood / Laminboard
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