Premier Forest Products
Premier Forest Products


July 2011

Premier makes the cut
In addition to being a leading stockist and distributor of timber and panel products, Premier Forest Products has recently expanded it’s service portfolio to include an extremely comprehensive on-site cutting and processing facility, offering customers the opportunity to capitalise on Premier’s ability to add value to standard products.

The Processing Division, headed by Sales Manager Paul Davies, has the capacity to offer a wide range of services, from simple cutting and painting to complex bonding and component manufacture. Premier has always been a market leader in the UK for providing specialist panels and bespoke solutions to end users and manufacturers, but the inclusion of extensive facilities on site now greatly expands the scope of those services, whilst providing a faster turnaround and lower cost. This is something that none of Premier’s direct competitors can match.

To find out more about these new services and the opportunities they create, read more here.



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