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July 2011

No Question Mark over Q-Mark!
To many, Premier's Sainty Q-Mark panel was a revelation when it was introduced the the UK. For the first time, the construction industry in particular were able to clearly identify a hardwood plywood as suitable for structural use and see all the technical attributes of the panel clearly displayed on the label on each and every sheet….and all bearing the irrefutable, independent and trusted mark of BM TRADA, the originators of the Q-Mark standard.

The product was an instant success and hugely popular with merchants across the country. The quality and unambiguous testing regime that BM TRADA put the panels through gave merchants and end-users a confidence which they had not before experienced with other plywoods. All that was missing was the final part of that total assurance, and that was FSC® certification.

Premier are now delighted to announce that FSC® certified Sainty Q-Mark is now available, extending that confidence in the panel’s technical attributes into total peace of mind regarding it’s environmental credentials too.

For further details on Premier’s new Sainty FSC certified Q-Mark plywood, please contact your sales office or representative.



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