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Premier Forest Products


November 2013

Making History

In our 20th year of trading, a milestone in it's own right, Premier Forest Products is delighted to announce acquisition of two of the oldest and most respected companies in the UK timber trade; Clarks Wood in Bristol, and Y Goldberg & Sons in Uxbridge.

These two historic businesses join the Premier Forest Group at an exciting time, further extending Premier's considerable scope of timber product offerings into both the Hardwood and Joinery Softwood markets, whilst at the same time re-energising the rare heritage of all the brands for a new lease of growth under the Premier umbrella, with all the benefits of scale that brings. And what’s good for Premier, Clarks Wood and Goldberg is even better for our customers!

The combined expertise and product range of these three companies is nothing less than superb. Factor in the astonishingly versatile on-site machining capabilities of the new Premier Processing & Fabrication division too, and Premier Forest Products occupies a unique position in the UK trade. With access to entirely new products (extensive arrays of hardwoods, joinery timbers, specialist plywoods, boat building panels, caravan plywoods etc), Premier Forest Products is now in a position to offer more than ever before; More savings, more solutions, more services, whether you are a merchant or manufacturer.

Call Premier Forest Products with your enquiries now, on:

01633 254422 (Newport Office)

0121 265 4822 (Birmingham Office)


352 years. That's a lot of history. But even more future!


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