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23 September 2008

Major Warehouse Signing Secures Premier's Expansion Plans

Major Warehouse Signing Secures Premier's Expansion Plans

Leading UK timber importer, Premier Forest Products, has secured its future at the Port of Newport with the recent signing of a 20-year lease on over 73,000 square foot of additional space in order to accommodate its ambitious plans for expansion.

The new warehouse space, which will be leased from Associated British Ports, is based adjacent to the company’s headquarters in the Port of Newport and Premier has spent over £200,000 updating the new site, modernising the office space and improving older parts of the building.

The new site is located next to a railway line, allowing Premier to receive immediate delivery of goods by rail. This means that Premier now has the capacity to maximise three modes of distribution, bringing loads into the UK via road, sea and rail.

Nigel Williams, Director at PremierNigel Williams, Director at Premier, said:

"The last year has been crucial to us in terms of Premier’s expansion, we have exceeded our targets and are on the way towards our ultimate goal of becoming the UK’s largest independent timber importer and distributor. The new warehouse space will allow us to focus on increasing our bulk orders of quality products, allowing us to offer a better
delivery service for all our customers.

"Premier will be even more focused than ever over the next year on progressing our product offering and developing the business. Although it has been a difficult start to 2008 for the timber industry, Premier is growing steadily and we hope to keep this momentum until the market finds its feet again."

Matthew Kennerley, ABP Port Director, South Wales, said:

"We are delighted that Premier Forest Products has signed a 20-year lease on additional space at the port. The Port of Newport is becoming an increasingly important hub for the importation of forest products into Wales and the West Midlands, and we look forward to continuing this trend."

Premier, which last year had a turnover of £54 million, has had particular success with the buying groups CBA, Unimer and NMBS over the last twelve months, and the company has added a number of staff to its sales team in the last 12 months in order to meet the steadily rising demand for their range of sustainable timber products.

Nigel Williams continued:

"Among other things, over the last 12 months we have been focussed on improving and building upon our sustainable timber offering and ensuring that our products are not only of the highest standard, but also legal and fully certified. Sustainable, green construction is at the forefront of the industry’s mind in the UK at the moment and in construction terms, timber is the most environmentally sustainable material.

"The timber industry in the UK has a responsibility to ensure that the products brought in to our country are of this standard, and at Premier, we also recognise the role we have in influencing our suppliers across the globe to see the value and necessity of improved sustainability and management of natural forest resources, and we are setting the standard here in the UK."



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Major Warehouse Signing Secures Premier's Expansion Plans
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